The performance derives from Perry-Herrera’s fascination with attempting to imprint the ethereal and the impermanent.  During the performance, the artist will act as deus ex machina of the Anthropocene by painting branches inside the gallery space with a cyanotype emulsion to transform their natural color for the duration of the exhibition. Oscillating between being and doing, Perry-Herrera will intercept her repetitive painting action with the stillness of sound meditation. The artist's garment will also metamorphosize throughout the day as it manifests the all-pervasive energy of light, the self and nature.

video of performative act
00:28 minutes

In this video, the artist uses a concealed camera to recreate a similar experience from her childhood as she crosses an international U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint. Her appearance defies her Mexican nationality as she is not asked to show proof of American citizenship. Thus, the artist disproves profiling stereotypes of undocumented Mexican immigrants by publicly displaying her Mexican birth certificate.



Rain Maker
performative act, animated video/
1:10 minutes

The video is both a real documentation of the artist's own flight training and a narrative of the hypothetical methodologies for finding a non-chemical approach for dealing with drought. Here, a fictional instant vapor-to-water converter carried via airplane assists the natural hydrological cycle. Between reality and make-believe, the artist draws from imagination to try to make her speculative solutions real as she becomes a pilot herself. 



Water Bearer
performative act, installation

(video excerpt) 1:00 minute

The objects and elements animate each other as the artist takes the role of caretaker for these natural and artificial systems. The performative act as "water bearer" reconsiders the role of the performer however potentially futile the role proved to be. Some natural elements were taken from the Rio Grande River, such as clay, that was formed for various uses. The artificial systems were purposely faulty to allude to the futility of the region’s social and ecological failing systems.